Outdoor Kitchens/Grills

Outdoor Kitchens/Grills, Raleigh, NC An increasing number of people are getting tired of being cooped up within four walls 24/7. However, with growing pressure and competition, you can’t just afford to take off on a long drive or vacation to let go of all the stress and take a long-weekend trip. Now, there are exciting new ways to transform the outdoor space of your home to get away from the four walls, building an outdoor kitchen is just one of those ways.

We at Setting Sun Patios & Decks have seen an upsurge of clients who want outdoor kitchens in Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Garner and Apex. People have begun to realize that having a kitchen in the backyard leads to great BBQ or dinner parties.

Our clients in Chapel Hill, Durham, Morrisville, Knightdale and Clayton say that having a kitchen outdoors is also fun for their children. It’s a great way for parents to relax in their yard and keep an eye on their children while the latter play in the open spaces.

Designs for Outdoor Kitchen and Grills

Depending on the space available, you can create different types of kitchen outdoors. Each design layout varies in price so just pick one that suits your budget.

Outdoor Kitchens/Grills
  • Single Counter: This is the most affordable of the outdoor kitchen layouts. You can have a single, standalone counter with the length and width of your choice. This counter can easily be tucked into a corner and won’t take up too much space if your backyard is small.

  • L-shaped counter: While this will cost you a little more, the L-shaped counter is one of the most popular layouts. It offers an optimal amount of space and is economical. The layout also allows a separation between the cooking or grilling areas and the food preparation space.

  • U-shaped counter: This counter is three-sided and is very close to a fully-functioning kitchen that you have inside your home. You can add cabinet spaces, bar stools and have all the latest appliances. Our clients with large families or those who like to throw big parties prefer this design. This is a bit more expensive to construct and requires some overhead covering to add fans and lighting. This outdoor kitchen design is also very popular.

  • Split-level counter: This counter is great for those who love to entertain and throw a performance as they cook. With the addition of bar stools, a person can easily communicate with their comfortably seated guests.

  • The 3/4th Square: This layout is excellent for those who wish to utilize the space productively. A portion of this layout serves as a dining spot with bar stools for comfortable seating. There’s a separate space on the counter for grilling and food prep. This layout is a great option for those who don’t have enough space to create a separate dining area.

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